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Car Detailing

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Tyres & Wheels

Looking for a set of Tyres & Wheels? Our Wheel and Tyre packages are designed to save you money and time

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Accident Claim and Report

Sung Beng Accident Claim
Have you been involved in a car accident? Road
traffic accidents can lead to some nasty injuries. Get
in touch today fo claims advice.
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Air-Con Service and Repair

Sung Beng Air-Con Services
In muggy Singapore, a car without air con is simply undrivable! We can quickly and affordably fix any aspect of your car’s air con
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Auto Transmission Overhaul

Sung Beng Auto Transmission Overhaul
SBA is equipped with professional tools and equipment to ensure all components of the Automatic Transmission are fully tested during the dismantling and assembling process prior to the final test upon completion.
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Car Body Works Repair

Sung Beng Body Repair
We deal with dents, scratches, dings, scrapes and similar damage on up to four panels. If you’re not sure how bad the damage to your vehicle is, please get in touch and one of our experts will discuss it with you.
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ECU Tuning (Asian & Continental Cars)

Sung Beng ECU Tuning
If you’re into upgrading or customizing your car, then you’ve probably heard about engine chip tuning. Whether the ECU is changed, the engine is remapped, or a performance chip is added, the change in the software can make a big difference in how your vehicle functions.
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Computerized Wheel Alignment

sung beng wheel alignment
Wheel Alignment should be checked whenever new tires are installed, suspension components installed, when the vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or curb and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear.
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Electronics & Diagnostic Program

Sung Beng Electronics and Diagnostic Programming
When your dashboard electronics fail, there is no better place than us to find the problem and fix it.
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Fleet Maintenance and Repair

Sung Beng Fleet Maintenance
SBA is established with the following fleet maintenance service companies and can work directly with them for your maintenance and repair needs.
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General Service and Repair

Sung Beng Car Repair and General Services
Is your car performing well or do you suspect that you may be in need of auto repair? If you need assistance with your vehicle, it is time to turn it over to the professional mechanics who can really assist you.
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Car Insurance Renewal

Sung Beng Insurance Renewal
Make the right choice, not only will you have comprehensive policy coverage, but you will also end up saving a huge sum of money. We will make your life as hassle-free as possible, our one-stop services also extend to insurance renewal!
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Panel Beating

Sung Beng Panel Beating
Our specialists will let you know what your car needs to restore it to “as new” condition. Our panel beaters have extensive experience with minor damage all the way to more complex repairs.
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Spray Painting

sung Beng Spray painting
You can fully expect a perfect match to the original body contour. We work expertly to produce a completely smooth finish with resurfacing performed if necessary.One thing you can count on from our professional services is flawless repair and paint that will not be detected.
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LTA Pre-Inspection

Sung Beng LTA Pre-Inspection
vehicle inspection regime is needed to ensure that vehicle owners bring their vehicles for regular checks to maintain the basic level of vehicle health.
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New & Used Car Sale

Sung Beng New and Used Cars
SBA is your all in one automotive marketplace. Browse our new and used cars from our showroom all in one place. Visit us today!
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Warranty Program

Our Vehicle Warranty Program provide what covers your needs and give you options to choose from. Find our more..
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