What Our Customers Say?

  • Competent Workshop

    Bryan Tan

    It's nice finding a competent workshop that I'll probably bring my car back to.

  • Best workshop I've been to


    My car has multiple problems, I went to a few workshops before I found Sung Beng. Those workshops somehow made matters kind of worse and still cannot solve the problems.
    However, at Sung Beng, the guys are very efficient and able to solve my car problems quickly, 1 at a time. All 3 mechanics, Ah Hee, Sky and Ken had attended to my car before patiently. Most of my repairs are attended to by Sky, and there was one repair that kind of impressed me - I went there to change my bushings & transmission fluid, but I was surprised when Sky actually did additional diagnostic tests as well and I don't know what he did, but somehow my cars overall performance has improved. The best part is, I didn't even ask for it and it was like a value added service that he did to make a customer happy. Thank you Sky, and Also Ah Hee and Ken for your patience with my car even though it has too many problems and I am sure it might give you headaches haha.
    Regards, Honey Tunn (Owner of the problematic Mitsubushi Lancer)

  • Very satisfied with their service and workmanship


    Thanks for your effort Ah Han and staff from Sung Beng circuit rd. Keep it up!

  • Very trustworthy

    Casey Ong

    Very trustworthy. I strongly recommend. No hidden cost servicing and repairs.

  • Highly Recommended


    Thank you Frankie for your excellent services . I have already pass your company phone to one of my friend also owner of a Chrysler. Will use your services in future.

  • Great Service


    Your service is great…. Your mechanics are friendly and experience they answer my questions well and solved my car problem efficiently….

  • Great installation skills and service


    I visited 36 Toh Guan's outlet.
    Sung Beng have a team of competent mechanics to help me install my Blackvue front and rear cameras. Their dedication to get the job done perfectly is admirable and they are forthcoming in their advice in view of their experience..
    Special thanks to Ken and his mates for helping me with my camera installation.
    The help you render is very much appreciated.
    All these good installation comes at an extremely reasonable price tag. Highly recommend my friends to come back to Sung Beng for other services as well.
    Keep up the good service. Nothing beats service excellence..

  1. Went to Sung Beng Auto for my first servicing after getting my second hand car. The mechanics that helped us: Ken and HK were very friendly and patient. They listened to every of our concern and took the effort and time to address them. After inspection, we needed to change the engine air filter and an aircon fan motor. The faults were clearly communicated and shown to us before they went on to order the parts and have them fixed. It was really a pleasant experience going to Sung Beng. Highly recommended.

  2. July 18, 2012

    I’ve been driving this car for 6yrs and the paint is dull with a lot of dents everywhere. COE is so high that my friend recommend me to Sung Beng to re-spray & get a fresh new look! I saw the job done on my friend’s car after the accident repair and spray painting recently. With his full of complements, I decided to try my vehicle there for a quote but the price is too attractive to resist for such workmanship. Indeed trustworthy! I regain a new look on my old car! They even did a complete grooming for my internal too without charging any extra! Thanks to Frankie, Ah Wei and Ah Sheng for a nice body spray paint and giving my car a total brand new look. I will come back for my servicing & recommend to my fellow colleagues too. Anyone who wishes to re-spray or change the color can visit them .I notice that they have 3 units there truly fully equipped with complete services which I do not have to worry about anymore. This shops rocks…. Highly recommended!

  3. September 22, 2012

    Hi. Thanks for recommeding the tyres, Fast & initiative service from your staffs. Keep up the good team work Frankie,will introduce my friends to you & return for my servicing soon.

  4. November 10, 2012

    I’ve sent my Mitsubishi Grandis a few days ago after seing all the review and i see that many costumer are satisfied to your service. I consulted with Mr Frankie. He is very friendly and explained me the changes needed. Changed oils, filters, battery, and spark plugs. His price that he gave to me is quiet reasonable. Thier mechanic are more experienced and knowledgeable. They have done it well and finished the job within one day. Mr Frankie personally check and done the test drive. My car runs very smooth and powerfull now. Highly recommended workshop.. Thanks Again.

  5. December 12, 2012

    I would like to say a very big thank you to the service team at Sung Beng.

    I bought rims during the afternoon. However, my wife saw my rims and request to change the rims as she felt that the rims does not match my car.

    I called the company and they informed me that they will wait for me (It was 650pm at that time and the shop closes at 7pm). I reached the company at 715pm and was greeted by Ah Kiong who not only greeted me with a smile and also explained that there is no hurry and advised me to take my time to select the rims which most suited to me. (surprised that they wait for me and was smiling and patience)

    After selecting the rims, there was about 8 staff there to change my rims for me. The job which will take 30 mins to finish was completed by 15 mins. I was very pleased for the fast service.

    What i paid for the rims is a total of $500 which i felt its cheap due to the replacement of the rims and it include labour cost too.

    I will definitely recommend this company to my friends. A 5 stars service to the company.

  6. January 4, 2013

    I recently scrapped the side skirts on my Toyota Vios car and wanted to get it fixed, but after being told by a few workshops that I could not do it, I chanced on SungBeng. I was served by Ken who not only was patient but did a great job on remoulding my side skirts, when everyone else was telling me that I needed to have the entire thing changed. On top of that I redid the body kit on the front of my car and was impressed with the workmanship of Ken. And it was also all very reasonably priced as well. I definitely will be back there and will get them to also service my car in future. Definitely worth recommending to others thank you Ken for a job superbly done.

  7. February 23, 2013

    Service wise very efficient. Ever since my first car till now (my second car), I only go to Sung Beng to do my servicing. Affordable servicing package and no hard-selling. Also the mechanic, Lim, will advise on my how to keep my car in good shape. Keep up the good work. Surely I’ll come back again. Thanks! =)

  8. February 23, 2013

    Service wise very efficient. I bought voucher in the evening and make appointment for the next day lunchtime (unlike some other workshops where you have to wait few months just to book an appointment). No hard-selling. Also the mechanic will advise in car maintenance. Keep up the good work. Surely I’ll come back again. Collected my car about an hrs.. 5***** RATING!! 🙂
    Thanks Sung Beng Auto..

  9. April 13, 2013

    I would like to take this opporunity to introduced this service center to all car owner. From my bottom of my heart this service center did a excellent job and advice me of the car servicing and the cost of any parts need to be change. There were some good sharing by Mr. Frankie the manager of Sung Beng Auto about the merchandise which all car owner will have a good knowledge about the engine system. Another person who like to mention is Mr. Leon who advice of the car servicing and the cost of the repair which will give you confident to whether it is worth changing the parts or not. Overall l am very happy with their customer service and the cost of the car servicing. Please try yourself and find your own answer .

  10. Serviced my car & done my air con cooling coil changed at their new Toh Guan Branch Blk 36 ground floor . Price consider reasonable & i trust their workmanship as my friend did his repair there too. They have another paint & panel beat workshop for accident claims & repair at seventh floor Blk 48. Very well equipped indeed. They cover almost every services that a car may need!
    To me , they are really a 1 complete stop service workshop. I will be back & recommend this workshop to everyone. Thumbs up !
    Thanks to Ken & mechanics of SBA.

  11. Thanks to Ken, he have done a good job – efficient and effective. Price wise, they will surely give the customer a reasonable price. I have no regrets to recommend Sung Beng Auto to my friends and other car owner. Thanx

  12. A little hard to find Macpherson outlet entrance but finally found the workshop at the last 2nd unit. Purchased promo package.Tempted by Iridium plugs cus my normal plugs are worn during points check.So i decided to top up for other extras in Premium package.Also added aircon flushing and replaced front 2 new tyres with rotation.Their mechanics, admins are friendly and not pushy even they have wide range of products and services.Price reasonable to me not a bad deal after all. Can try ya!

  13. June 5, 2013

    The experience was good. They are not pushy.

  14. June 21, 2013

    Simply excellent & reliable service…. Highly Recommended

  15. June 28, 2013

    Thanks for the very good service yesterday and Ah Lim has been very helpful in attending my needs. Good Job….

  16. February 21, 2014

    Hi Ken,Thanks for attending my car.The aircon feels like new! Thumbs Up

  17. April 21, 2014

    The plug coil of my car was worn and caused sever engine rattling. SBA deployed their own diagnostic kit and had the stock for the part in store for immediate replacement. All done within an hour on a Saturday afternoon.

  18. Hi Frankie.. Thank you for introducing the spark ignition system. Had the final stages VSD IV installed, Thanks to Mech Lim who attended my ride & done it in less than 20min. My Ts never felt the same, it’s awesome now!!! Thank you to all the staff for the great service, cheers!!!

  19. I think that the prices here are good & the service is exceptional. My ‘CO’ initially did not like the place, as their workshop looks prety unkempt. But their service proved me otherwise.$

  20. After going back there 3 times, I definitely have to post a review about them coming from me who don’t post reviews ever.

    I sent it my honda and renault for various issues. They are very clear and professional. I notice each time I go, on top of the normal job, they take the extra efforts in the little things you least expect.

    This workshop got my loyalty. I will be introducing more people to this workshop.

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